About Us

Welcome to Cannizaro Productivity Services

Cannizaro was founded in 1993. It is an international firm based in Dublin. Cannizaro delivers programmes that enhance profitability through improvements to productivity and performance. Cannizaro's experience covers an extensive variety of business sectors, countries and commercial and social environments. Since foundation Cannizaro's work has recognized that the most complex thing to organize in business is simplicity. Our task has been to help organisations define and deliver the essentials more effectively. We are keen on measurement and deadlines. We are good at advice but we don't sell it. Our clients know what they want and we deliver it. It's that simple.

The key to our progress has been our ability to help people as individuals, and as part of a team, be more successful. We deploy a range of knowledge and experience to improve organization, skills, processes, management methodologies and systems. These are tools that we use. They are means to an end. They provide benefit to an organization when they are harnessed to the energy, resourcefulness and ingenuity of people. Our programmes are able to make that link. This enables us to positively influence behaviour and results. This enables us to succeed where others fail.

Cannizaro's approach is straightforward. Short Term, an Outline Study will identify improvement potential and returns available. Medium Term, an Improvement Programme will implement the changes required and realise the benefits. Long Term, our Perpetuation process will embed, sustain and develop the programme to meet future needs.

A critical dimension in our work is speed. We work quickly, efficiently and accurately. Speed brings dynamism and momentum to our programmes. It also brings rapid returns. Clients see at least a three to one return on investment. Most programmes have paid for themselves by completion. Satisfaction rates are second to none.