COVID 19 : Message

Tom Doyle, Chief Executive

In the midst of an international health crisis, that has spread fear through families, communities, businesses and markets, it is necessary to remember the values that our business is built upon. It is also essential to be clear what actions should be taken to put those value into practice.

The primary purpose of Cannizaro is to create prosperity. The prosperity that enterprise creates is the bedrock of social, communal and individual well-being. It is the great enabler that allows the human capacity for innovation and improvement to develop and grow. This capacity has personal, social and moral dimensions.

The capacity for improvement also has a direct business significance. To provide long-term prosperity for owners, shareholders, staff, customers, contractors and suppliers a business needs to build on the good times, weather the bad times and use both to learn, reflect and improve.

The COVID 19 crisis has led governments to identify safety as its number one priority and by, extension, that of institutions, businesses, communities, families and individuals. The priority cannot be argued with. Defining what it means to be safe and delivering it is less simple.

The safety and well being of a society cannot long be divorced from prosperity. At times of difficulty this does not change. During these times all that changes is that the difficult questions must not only be raised, they must also be answered and addressed. We are now in such a time and what businesses must urgently do is create and implement a successful and sustainable model for today's new circumstances. For some this will mean grasping new opportunities, meeting new demand and satisfying new customers. For many others it will mean grappling with unanticipated problems, managing both variations and fall in demand while trying to satisfy customers in new regulatory circumstances. All this to be done while maintaining a commitment to safe working and the protection of staff and collaborators.

Time is in short supply. Those that do not respond quickly may not be able to respond at all. Cannizaro has rethought its approach, methodology and model to enable programme durations to be cut from months to weeks. Practices have been re-engineered to allow a greater element of remote working and to prioritise this where required. We retain our cutting-edge ability to get things done quickly and will focus on the big issues of demand, resources, productivity and costs so as to help our clients make major adjustments in these areas. This we see to be the immediate key to security, safety and prosperity for the long term. We are here and ready to go.